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Cleansing (like all ritual) is more about Intention than it is about method. There are a lot of ways to perform cleansing, and they ALL require us to focus our Intent during the cleansing.

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There are many different ways to cleanse your crystals, or indeed anything or anyone - and all relate to one or more of the four main elements. All cleansing methods harbour the power of Mother Nature, to rid the stone from any impurities or negativity it may have been subjected to. This allows them to reset : to vibrate at their optimum and purest frequency. These powerful Mother Earth cleansing energies can aid and re-balance our healing, and our healing allies.

Visualisation: during Cleansing visualise in your mind's eye any unwanted energy being released from the crystal, rejoining All Universal Energy and being recycled back into positivity.

Crystals connect with the energy that they are around and they carry a vibration, – therefore before and after healing work with a crystal or lending it to a friend, stones should be cleansed. They can be so sympathetic and helpful in any given situation, that they absorb something of that situation - and cleansing releases them from this.

Not all crystals NEED to be cleansed, some are cleansers in themselves therefore they don’t necessarily require cleansing. However even these crystals seem to LIKE to be cleansed sometimes – regardless of this. Cleansing can be applied to anything - people, crystals, rooms, plants and the following techniques can be used:

Water Crystal Cleansing


Water is one of the ultimate Cleansers, by its very nature... The key Visualisation point for water cleansing is : visualise the Water carrying it away the unwanted vibrations, to join the rest of the water in the Universe, and be recycled back into positivity.


Do be careful which crystals you choose to cleanse this way – as some precious stones are water sensitive, the softness of a rock can often dictate its water sensitivity. For example Labradorite – is slightly water sensitive and its beautiful shine and lustre can disintergrate if submerged in water for a long time. Labradorite is fine with a quick rinse in running water, i.e rain or a waterfall but when left for any time in a pool – it will deteriorate. Selenite is severaly water-sensitive.

Water is an obvious choice to use if you are a Water sign - Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer... Water soothes and washes away negativity, carrying it off to join the rest of the water in the world, and be recycled back into positivity.


Leaving your crystal outside in the rain is a fabulous way of cleansing them and the difference between using tap water and rain water is phenomenal – just leave in a secure place outside overnite and allow the natural balance of the Earth and Rain to wash and cleanse your stone. Storms are fun! as this charges the crystal with transformational Storm energies.

Running under stream of water

This is best if the running water is natural – such as a stream, a river or a waterfall – but a tap works okay too. The water running over the stone purifys it, returning the crystal to it's optimum vibration. This is a great quick cleanser – like when you are just handed an uncleansed stone – or before using it for healing.

Some people use what is called the ‘salt water method’ we have never used this as a general cleansing exercise but from much research, we feel it isn’t the best way to care for your stone – basically, the idea is to leave your crystal in some salt water for a while, and the salt draws any impurities away from the stone (salt being a natural cleanser). However, salt water can be abrasive and can damage your crystals surface shine, along with getting into tiny cracks and crevices in the crystal and making them expand – for this reason we do not promote salt water cleansing. Best to just put dry salt on a plate/dry earth/similar, and rest the crystals on it for a bit.

Earth Crystal Cleansing


Burying your crystal in the ground can be a fabulous way of rebalancing it, and allowing it to once again vibrate in harmony with the earth. You can also leave your crystal by a tree or in a bush for a while – this allows the stone to re find the earth it was made from – bringing it closer to its source.

Taking your crystal to a sacred space, a lay line or a place of great natural beauty will immediately retune it to vibrate with the balance of that space – this can be an incredible experience for both crystals and people as we are as much affected by ancient places, as the stones that we are holding.

Air and incense Crystal Cleansing


Using the power of smoke and wind you can effectively cleanse crystals in one of the most beautiful rituals we have come across – smudging.

To smudge your crystal is to light a sacred herb or jostick and allow the smoke to gently wash over your stones – this is brillant for the more delicate stones – as they are not damaged by this amazingly gentle technique. Make sure there is an OPEN window for the smoke to escape out of, thus returning unwanted energies back into the wind and the earth – where they can be recycled.

Using other crystals is a great way of cleansing them – simply place your crystal on a cluster of a naturally cleasning stone such as quartz or citrine – this also entails ‘the salt method’ using salts natural ablities to draw out impurities – place your stone in a bowl of salt for some time, afterward wipe it off and throw away the salt and therefore the impurities – it is important to only use the salt once as it will hold in impurities from –past stones.

Fire and Flame Crystal Cleansing


Fire is the most rapidly transformative of all the Earth's elements. It instantly changes the very structure of anything in it's path, with light and heat. Transformation and Transmutation. Fire is a powerful force and merits respect – however it can be used as a powerful cleanser. Waving a sturdy crystal through a flame is a wonderful technique and especially for those crystals and people attuned to the Fire element. A brilliant way to cast out impurities.

Naked Flame Cleansing

Waving your crystals quickly through a candle flame can thoroughly cleanse them. be aware of not getting carbon marks on them! ...can be hard to remove fom certain types... Candle light itself it very very cleansing, and it does amazing things to translucent stones! (More on Light Cleansing just below in the 'Other cleansing methods' section...)

Sun Cleansing

Leaving crystals outside in the sun is fantastic! It is cleansing and also very energising. The Sun (very large fire!) cleanses with both immense light and firey heat, recharging life. Be aware of SUN-FADING crystals! Like Amethyst, some Smoky Quartz, Crysocolla, realgar..... This solar connection exercise can be done at any time of day - with differing effects.

Dawn Cleansing and also Sunset Cleansing is a wonderful experience – simply leave your crystal outside sitting on the bare earth or leaves (something nice and natural and connected to Earth) in the light of the dawn or sun for a few hours.

Water Crystal Cleansing


The Sound / Sonic-Vibration method

This method uses a tone or note to rebalance the vibrations of a stone back to its natural resonance. Simply sound a tuning fork or singing bowl near a stone until you feel it is cleansed. There are many forms of cleansing sound, music and song.

Moon cleasning

Leave your crystals in the light of the moon overnight for them to connect with this special energy. Obviously the Full Moon or any 'soecial Lunar event' such as an eclipse will have a major impact on the cleansing and the enery which the crystal will take into it's next cycle.

Cycle of the Sun cleansing

Leave your crystals outside for a full cycle of the sun and the moon, incorporating the healing energies of both.

Weather cleansing

It is important while deciding which method to use for cleansing, to listen to both yourself, and your crystal – water soluble crystals are not suitable for some techniques, and neither are very delicate crystals. Listen to yourself, what does your heart tell you is the best method? Listen to it.

Cleansing is more about our Intention than it is about method. There are a lot of ways to perform cleansing, but ALL require focused Intent behind the cleansing. Visualisation is the best way - imagining unwanted energy being released by the crystal, and rejoining all Universal energy, being recycled back into positivity.


All these crystal articles are written by me, Loren Warn of Pixie Crystals, from personal experience. Please do not copy them without reference AND giving a web-link to their source.

Loren :  Pixie Crystals founder, photographer, owner and author

Happy Crystal Healing adventures -x-



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