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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How quickly do you Post Out the crystals?

All orders are handled and posted by us within a maximum of 2 working days. Eg. orders received Monday will be posted by 4pm Weds or before. Orders received on Friday evening, will be posted on on or before Tuesday 4pm. If possible they will go same working day - but our policy is upto 2 working days.

Q - How can I easily buy crystals without a Paypal account?

A - You don't need a PayPal account to purchase crystals online via PayPal.

Just add as many items as you like to your 'shopping list'. Then follow the link to 'Checkout' and select the word "Continue" from the left side of the page under the words 'Don't have a PayPal account'. Click here to see a helpful picture (opens a small popup window). You will then be shown a very secure order from to pay using a Debit or Credit card, and ensuring a secure encrypted payment, meaning we receive the payment but we are never sent your cards details.

We also accept cheques by post, and payment through bank transfer. Please e-mail me to request this. Postage and Packaging costs apply.

Q - What if I don't connect with my crystal?

A - I understand that you can never truly connect with a crystal until meeting it properly. Although I make every effort to use the clearest photography and show every detail, only you can feel a connection to a stone. For this reason I do offer refunds on all crystals that are returned, (minus P+P and charges) undamaged.

We must receive the crystal in exactly the same condition it left us, and within 20 working days of our original posting.

You must contact me within 3 working days to let me know that you are returning them, are you will not be eligable to a refund.

Please contact me within 3 working days of receiving them.

Q - My crystal was damaged on arrival, what do I do?

A - Although I try to ensure the crystal is well packaged and cannot be damaged in transit, some are very delicate and best efforts cannot guarantee that every crystal makes it home unscathed. If your crystal has been damaged in the post you must contact me immediately, stating what's wrong with the crystal. This must happen within 3 days from delivery. Then send back the crystal, and I will arrange a refund (- P+P and charges) as soon as possible. The e-mail must be sent or your refund may be void.

Q - My crystal hasn't arrived yet - help?!

A - If you're in the UK or within Europe, please allow 2 - 5 working days for the parcel to arrive. For post to USA, Austraslia, Asia and South America, please allow 6 - 10 working days for Airmail, which it is usually very secure and reliable. I try to dispatch all crystals within 2 working day of purchase. If you're concerned, please contact me and I will attempt to track down the crystals.

Q - How do I buy a crystal without using a credit card?

A - If you've seen something you would like to buy but do not have a credit card, please contact me - telling me which stone you are interested in, and I can reserve it for you. You could use Paypal funds, if available to you, or request details to post a cheque or payment for items through a bank transfer.

Q - Can I request crystals that are not stocked at the moment?

A - Please contact me regarding any crystals that you would like me to find; I can source most ethical crystals / mineral types on the planet, and will be happy to keep an eye out and inform you by e-mail when I find what you may be seeking.

Q - How can I learn more about my crystals?

A - I love learning about crystals, from many different approaches, and have compiled some Healing / Metaphysical Information about many of them in the : Crystal Properties and Healing Information section. Spending peaceful time with your crystals is just perfect. (I recommend work with cleansed and natural crystals ideally.

Q- How much will Postage + Packaging be in total?

Our Postage Prices are the SAME for ANY country - UK and worldwide.

Total in Basket = £ 0.01  to £ 4.99 ...... P & P = £0.00 GBP
Total in Basket = £ 5.00  to £17.99 ..... P & P = £3.90 GBP
Total in Basket = £18.00  to £31.99 .... P & P = £5.40 GBP
Total in Basket = £32.00  to £59.99 .... P & P = £6.90 GBP
Total in Basket = £60.00  + over ......... P & P = £8.90 GBP

We try to be as accurate as possible regarding pricing for safe postage of crystals, to any country worldwide. For all orders under £35, we use standard 1st class mail or Airmail, which is insured for upto £41.00.

UK Orders between £35 and £65 will go Recorded Delivery
UK orders over £65.00 will go via Special Delivery

We accept no responsibility for and loss or damage caused by the Postal Services but we do use insured and tracked post for all parcels over £35.

U.K. customers purchasing light-weight crystals may be recieve a part-refund of postage.
To Email - please see the Contact page.

- How do you get the crystals and check they're from ethical sources?

I rarely get the opportunity to collect them from nature myself:  most of England is fairly poor in minerals, apart from right up North in Cumbria, or right down South in Cornwall, about a 4hr drive...

I get 90% of the crystals on Pixie Crystals directly from people who own, work in or or visit regularly with smaller familly-owned crystal localities around the world. I always deal with the same people now and, after 11 years, as I know them individually and how they handle their cystals.  So, I get my Kyanites and Citrines from one lovely chap, and Tourmalines from another wonderful man, etc...  and return to these same friends each year.  I only deal with hand-collected and respected crystals.

I have been studying crystals for over 20 years now, and am adept at looking for physical markings/signs on the crystals, which give away whether they have been hand-collected or forcefully removed.  ie. Quartzes (Clear, Cit, Ame, Smoky) with self-healing / good key releases are hand-picked; ones with fractures around the base have not.  

Apart from hand-polished unique rare pieces, I dont really ever go in for polished / cut stones; I feel Mother Nature makes geometric shapes, and surface-finishes that mankind cannot even slightly recreate. 

Happy Crystal Healing adventures -x-



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