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Large Calcite Cluster with iron

Large Lenticular Calcite Cluster with iron inclusions and phantoms.

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Large Calcite Cluster with iron 


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A: 6 cm B: 10 cm C: 8 cm     Item No: 2265     Origin: Morroco

Large and Stunning Calcite Cluster with reddish iron inclusions. The precise terminations (the Calcite 3-way 'ban-the-bomb-symbol' flat point) on each and every Calcite point are gorgeous, some showing subtle whitey/red phantoms within. Wow Calcite.

Several of the main central crystal clusters are Elestiated - meaning 'multi-terminated'. You can see in the photo ABOVE that this crystal has a termination in the centre and then at least three around the edge of the tip. These are where several crystals are growing together as one, - three or four pointed tips, with phantoms near the edges.

A very appealing Cluster, with a milky translucency; the multi-phantoms of soft creamy Calcite within almost all the points are absolutely gorgeous.

The vertical edges of the Calcites are also wonderfully detailed, showing the different growth layers, and acting a little like barbed pampas grass!

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