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Polished Amethyst / Smoky Brandberg

A superb Amethyst and Smokey Quartz from the Brandberg mountains, polished to show its internal splendour.

Polished Amethyst / Smoky Brandberg 

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A: 3.4 cm  B: 2.4 cm  C: 2.1 cm     Item No: 98     Origin: Brandberg Mountains, Namibia

Simply stunning. Very richly-coloured Amethyst and Smoky phantoms (subtle inner and older points) are clearly visible. This truly is a delightful piece, which has been faceted thoughtfully to show well its inner angles. Also there are traces of bright red Lepidochrosite strands, common in these high quality Brandbergs.


The Brandberg mountains are a unique location - the only place which produces such a constant high quality Amethyst and Smoky crystals combined, with exotic clarity. Not to forgetting about the rainbows - there are many of them too in this crystal.



Oh, the colours! 

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