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Article on Natural Citrine crystals versus Fake Citrine - we are PASSIONATE about Natural Citrine

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Genuine Natural Citrine crystals are distinct and easy to tell apart from the "burnt Amethyst" ones... but still people offer it for sale everywhere. Here is how to easily spot the Fake Citrine and learn about Natural Citrines:

Firstly - the fake stuff is the wrong shape!! Citrine is NOT 'tooth-shaped'...

When Amethyst is baked to make Fake Citrine, a tooth-shaped crystal point which is broken out of an Amethyst Geode is always used. These have been broken / smashed out of an Amethyst Geode.

This is very obvious, because the crystals of Fake Citrine (and Amethyst from geodes!) always have a very tapered base - like a Tooth Root / a diamond-shape. Fake Citrines do NOT have the straight 6 sides of a natural Quartz point.. like a Natural Citrine would.

A Natural Citrine IS a 6-sided Clear Quartz point , with a twinge of Iron giving it the colour, so it should have 6 straight, vertical sides, like Clear Quartz Point. (see photos below)

And Secondly - it's by far the wrong colour !

Citrine is Clear Quartz (Silica Dioxide) which has been introduced to trace Iron elements and heat during its growth - giving a subtle white wine Yellow. "Burnt Amethyst" crystals are such an unnatural orange colour.

So - the Shape and the Colour of a Faked Citrine are both not correct. Genuine Citrine is a stunning gentle White Wine colour - NOT a horrid burnt dark Orange.

Natural Citrine crystals


"Faked Citrines" are a well known scam to everyone in the Mineral Industry, and we can spot the difference from 100 metres!

I am utterly fed up with people selling Fake Citrine / Burnt Amethyst : it is something I am completely against and feel everyone should know the truth.

I have seen millions of crystals in my years working around world with them... I can pick up a wide variety of crystal types and minerals and, most of time, identify which country it originates from - like a wine taster can pin-point where a wine comes from....

I strongly believe Crystals select their unique shapes, natural colours and the fundamental binding-together of certain raw chemical Elements - in order to convey purified dynamics, geometry and perfection in Natural Order.

I feel that if a crystal has spent thousands of years - choosing to be Purple (Amethyst) then it wants to be purple, Not Yellow! I only see them as Amethyst crying for help.

Real Genuine Citrine = 100% Genuine Natural Citrine Crystals

A Natural Citrine is a powerful balancer of the Solar Plexus - see : Citrine Healing Information

Other occurances of Quartz and Iron :

Iron and Quartz (silica dioxide) occur and present in many other ways within the mineral kingdom too. When Iron is on the very the outside of translucent crystals, not inside, this Iron trace is called 'Golden Healer' and it is golden yellow with rainbows like oil-on-water. (When lots of Iron gets into Clear Quartz - you have Carnelian: a totally natural darker Orange Quartz.)


All these crystal articles are written by me, Loren Warn of Pixie Crystals, from personal experience. Please do not copy them without reference AND giving a web-link to their source.

Loren :  Pixie Crystals founder, photographer, owner and author

Happy Crystal Healing adventures -x-



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