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Unusual large Moldavite Fri 17th, Nov, 2017 Unusual large Moldavite £74.00
Spiral Moldavite Fri 17th, Nov, 2017 Spiral Moldavite £64.00
Moldavite Tecktite Fri 17th, Nov, 2017 Moldavite Tecktite £38.00
Partially hollow Moldavite Fri 17th, Nov, 2017 Partially hollow Moldavite £42.00
Complete Moldavite Tecktite Fri 17th, Nov, 2017 Complete Moldavite Tecktite £42.80
Cubic Purple Fluorite crystal Wed 4th, Oct, 2017 Cubic Purple Fluorite crystal £40.00
Curved Moldavite crystal Wed 4th, Oct, 2017 Curved Moldavite crystal £48.00
Blue Barite Crystal Rose Tue 3rd, Oct, 2017 Blue Barite Crystal Rose £180.00
Double terminated Calcite point Mon 2nd, Oct, 2017 Double terminated Calcite point £84.00
Azurite crystal nodule Mon 2nd, Oct, 2017 Azurite crystal nodule £28.00
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