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Lapis Lazuli Healing Article

This page is a Healing Article about this crystal

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Properties
Self Knowledge - Inspires Communcation from the Heart - Connects head, heart and feet - Balances Throat chakra

Ahh, Lapis… ...one of the stones most revered by the Egyptian civilization, and where they obtained their amazing bright blue dyes. Lapis Lazuli always contains minute flecks of Iron Pyrite, which the Egyptians would say resembled the stars in a summer nights’ sky.

The famous Isis - Egypt's most famous Goddess, embodied Magic and Insight, and was always portrayed with a Lapis Blue dress. Lapis Lazuli carries with it a regal quality - embuing the essence of mediation and research of higher knowledge/consciousness.

Energetically, Lapis is linked with Self-Knowledge, and the Third eye and Throat Chakras. It aids one in ‘knowing that you know what you know', and having the confidence to communicate it clearly. It is a balancing crystal, rather than activating, and therefore it will balance over-active or under-active chakras.

Lapis aids communication and self-clarification issues on a mental and emotional basis. Physically Lapis will help to heal any throat, neck, sinuses, eyes and front of head related disorder.


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