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Emerald Healing Article

This page is a Healing Article about this crystal

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All these crystal healing articles are written by me, Loren Warn / Pixie Crystals, from personal experience, channellings & friends. Please do not copy them without mentioning their source.    I also personally hand-pick and photograph all the Healing Crystals for sale on this website - please explore and enjoy them


Emerald Properties

Stimulates self-love, connects heart to upper chakras.
Widens appreciation of natural environment.

Emerald is a deep, clear green crystal that activates the heart chakra. This stunning crystal has wonderful properties enabling it to bring joy and prosperity to all that surround it, or those that have seen the wonder and joy of the message it brings. Emerald promotes self love which in turn offers us the confidence and ability to share that energy with those around us.

Emerald reminds us that love is a endless source of energy, so share it. Emerald stimulates the mind; its presence will increase your awareness, psychic abilities and generally make you more mentally alert. Emerald also bears a centering quality and often uses both its grounding and uplifting qualities in order to both ease the mind, and occupy it. Emerald also widens our appreciation of the natural environment, and connects us to the abundance and beauty of Mother Earth. A deep healer of the heart, this crystal has strong rejuvenating qualities.


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