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Lepidolite Healing Article

This page is a Healing Article about this crystal

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Lepidolite Properties
Cosmic Consciousness - Joy to be part of All That Is - Crown Activator - Acceptance

Lepidolite occurs in mainly white and pink. It is a type of Mica. Mica grows by building up see-through paper-thin layers upon layers, which appear opaque but are in fact transparent. The soft shiny layers that make up Lepidolite, reflect the many layers of consciousness present within life. These levels are numerous and changing, such as struggling, victim consciousness, blame, inhumanity and ego, and layers of forgiveness, spirit, growth, nature, creation and love which co-exist.

The lesson from these Lepidolite layers is Acceptance, and Surrender. Acceptance in a Divine Order, joy that there is a Cosmic Consciousness working, and showing itself in the splendor of life and nature. Acceptance that we are guided by angels during the experiences in our lives, and that these experiences are no more or less than God believes we can handle and learn ourselves / higher meaning from.

Surrendering to this divine synchronicity, and being joyful to feel part of All That Is, - yes Clear / White Lepidolite is definitely a Crown Chakra Activatorů

Pink/lilac coloured Lepidolite, deals with the exact same energy - directly from/at the Heart Chakra. Possibly one of the hardest human concepts, depending on the situation, Acceptance of oneself, others and circumstances, is a giant act of love. Having the love for oneself and others, to release the human roles and attatchments one has put on difficult things.

To truly embrace Acceptance is to enjoy the fact that Universal Wisdom, (with help from the angels and the subconscious,) is creating for you whatever is showing up. Trusting the Universe to guide us to and through the learning experiences which we are here to undertake, and have us exactly where we need to be at all times.


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