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Pyrite Healing Article

This page is a Healing Article about this crystal

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Pyrite Properties

Grounding - Organisational abilites - Logic
Solar energy - Male/masculine power - Yang

Pyrite is a beautiful, gold stone which grows naturally into perfect squares of unlimited sizes. Its shiny gold surfaces reflect the light of the sun, giving pyrite its masculine, yang approach to life.

Pyrite is a protective stone and can cast away many negative energies that it comes into contact with. Its relentlessly perfect Gold Squares represent Male Strength, on not just the physical plane. Gold has always been a 'Yang' colour, and the Square a symbol of Strength, Foundations, and balanced physicality. Mentally, Pyrite symbolizes intelligence and its cube formations make it a very organized crystal. Pyrite will help you aid your mental abilities, and can put these skills to use when developing lasting friendships.

Pyrite's structure means it vibrates with you bones and gives them strength and structure. Use Pyrite to help with work issue, mis-communication in relationships and to ward off negative vibes. This beautiful, tough stone will guide and aid you through both mental and physical strife. Pyrite vibrates with our root chakra.


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