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Smokey Quartz Healing Article

This page is a Healing Article about this crystal

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All these crystal healing articles are written by me, Loren Warn / Pixie Crystals, from personal experience, channellings & friends. Please do not copy them without mentioning their source.    I also personally hand-pick and photograph all the Healing Crystals for sale on this website - please explore and enjoy them

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz Properties
Grounding - Protective - Clarifies lower chakras - Strengthens physical connection to Earth

These crystals begin their lives as Clear Quartz crystals, and are coloured grey and black by low-frequency natural radiation deep within the Earth. They are the Base Chakra Quartz. Good Ole’ Smoky Quartz – Smokey Quartz’s are like a wonderful Grand-dad. They are always grounding and protective, helping to keep one’s feet on the ground and cleanse and strengthen the link between you and Earth. If one is not grounded, one generally is not ‘protected’. In protected we mean against ‘psychic attack’. People are often trying to steal energy from others, or send them negativity. If one’s aura and personal energy is strong and protected, these interferences are not received to detrimental effect. (They are either deflected or sometimes even turned into a positive message by the strong, clear aura, and returned!).

Through the base chakra we receive the energy of Vitality from mother Earth, which emotionally provides us with feelings of nourishment, fulfillment, security, abundance and a settled domestic life. Symptoms of a slightly dis-functioning base chakra would be lack of Vitality and feelings of deeply lacking something, either security or romance or money, (when one does have food health and fun).

Smokey Quartz crystals help to relieve these feelings, by cleansing the area and reconnecting you with the Earth, who provides us with everything we need and more. Physically helps maintain healthy feet, legs, hips, and knees, and generally strengthens and protects the entire aura.


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