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Ametrine (Yellow + Purple) Healing Article

This page is a Healing Article about this crystal

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All these crystal healing articles are written by me, Loren Warn / Pixie Crystals, from personal experience, channellings & friends. Please do not copy them without mentioning their source.    I also personally hand-pick and photograph all the Healing Crystals for sale on this website - please explore and enjoy them

Ametrine   (Yellow + Purple)

Ametrine (Yellow + Purple) Properties

A perfect natural fusion of Amethyst and Citrine. Gently energizing - Yin & Yang.

These combine ALL aspect of Amethyst and ALL aspects of Citrine added together, and a few individual aspects. (Please explore the Clear Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst summaries for further properties.). A fantastic translucent Yellow and Purple, Ametrine crystals are fairly rare friends, compared with Amethyst and Citrine. It combines the intuitive, insightful and meditative aspects of Amethyst with Citrine’s quliaties: an energized, self-empowered and ego-balanced Solar Plexus.

Combine this amazingly flexible healer with Clear Quartz and Smokey Quartz, for the ulitmate Quartz balance... upper, mid and lower... Remember that Amethyst is created by Clear Quartz meeting radiation, and Citrine is created by Clear Quartz meeting fire!? This impresses us so much - how complicated and unique Ametrine’s colouration is… It is legendarily the ‘Crystal of Dancer’s’, and we know many dancers who share it’s gentle creative feel. Also see Clear Quartz for fuller explanation of Quartz properties.


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