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Selenite Healing Article

This page is a Healing Article about this crystal

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All these crystal healing articles are written by me, Loren Warn / Pixie Crystals, from personal experience, channellings & friends. Please do not copy them without mentioning their source.    I also personally hand-pick and photograph all the Healing Crystals for sale on this website - please explore and enjoy them


Selenite Properties

Light Light Light

Selenite is often brilliant white, mainly occuring in long sword-like crystals. They are partially translucent, and if you tilt them back and forth they visably 'bounce' white light up and down them. They are basically nature's fibre optics. If you shine a light on one end - the other end glows strongly...

Selenite can occur as extremely see-through crystals, which are UV reactive. These crystals are perfectly geometrically balanced. They are externally a perfect clear Rhombus. Internally they have two subtle but visable triangles/pyramids meeting tips in the centre of the crystal. They can also appear as Golden Selenite. 

Selenite is a crystal which carries and exists at one of highest frequency vibrations in the mineral kindom. It atoms vibrate at a closer speed to light - than almost any other mineral. It's sheer white brings purity and White Angelic light to any area it is in. It is Light in crystal formation. 

By just spending a little quiet time gently rubbing a natural blade of Selenite, we can connect more clearly with our Higher Self. This brings light into the aura, and expands our awareness of Oneness.
It is perfect for conducting healing, protective and loving energy through.  

Selenite intensifies and focuses the healing energy into a direct white laser stream, perfect for creating a 'grid' around an area with light. By tracing the corners and wall-meetings of a room, or edges of a garden, Selenite will set a protective boudary of light, purity and peace. Do not do this around a person's aura, unless you are standing within their aura, with your back to them, directing the light grid outwards away from them. Using a wand across someone's aura may literally cut through the aura, and is potentially dangerous.

It is advisable to do conscious grounding of your energy afterwards. We must integrate into our physical daily lives the Light which we are able to channel - integrate the lessons that are avaliable to us by connecting with our own Higher Selves, and Angelic Light.

Superb for physical problems with straight things! - such as back / spine issues, neck pains, and RSI. Put Selenite down the arm and fingers affected for instant relief from the tendon and musclar inflamation, aching and pain.


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