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Charoite Healing Article

This page is a Healing Article about this crystal

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Charoite Properties

Following Divine Inspiration - Connection to the Soul - Clarity - Removal of FEAR

Charoite is the wonderfully rich silky purple stone, discovered fairly recently in the Chara River district in Siberia. Charoite looks exactly like a flowing river of lilac purple silk - frozen in time. It has small black flecks in it too...

Charoite is a new and incredible meditation stone. It can lead one to a meditative space in which to dissolve conscious and subconscious fear patterns, which may be restricting us.

Fear is very preventative, physically and emotionally, and can get in the way of us doing things which are important, challenging or fun and life-changing.
When worn Charoite helps to maintain a perspective of following one's own truest path: the path of the Divine and the Angels.

It aids us to follow the signs and synchronistic events, which lead to self knowledge, and it encourages us to always act in a way that is in accordance with Love and Universal Will.
The small black flecks in Charoite - similar to those found in Sugalite - aid to ground and integrate the lessons within the purple aspect of the stone, into darker and slower energies of an energetic system.


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