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Agate Healing Article

This page is a Healing Article about this crystal

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Agate Agate

Agate Properties

Balancing - Grounding - Calming - Gentle

Agate is a beautiful stone. It comes in a variety of different shapes, colours and sizes, and is slightly translucent. Agate’s appearance and variety is close to that of jasper, but its slightly more translucent surfaces distinguish the differences between them.

Agate is a type of Quartz rock, coloured and banded by other mineral inclusions.

The differing colours of Agate have individual properties, but they all have alot of similarities. When looking at its properties, you need to consider the colour of the stone, as this determines which chakras it works with.

Agate is a grounding crystal and can offer great protection from emotional troubles. As well as being calming, grounding and protective, Agate is very balancing. It has a balanced yin/yang male/female energy. It is a fairly versatile healer.
Physically Agate can be used for all issues of the legs, heart and mouth.

It is also calming and de-toxifying.


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