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Apophyllite Healing Article

This page is a Healing Article about this crystal

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All these crystal healing articles are written by me, Loren Warn / Pixie Crystals, from personal experience, channellings & friends. Please do not copy them without mentioning their source.    I also personally hand-pick and photograph all the Healing Crystals for sale on this website - please explore and enjoy them


Apophyllite Properties

Strengthens and purifies connection between astral/angel energies and Crown Chakra. Activates upper chakras.

Apophyllite is an amazingly clear, sparkly crystal, which radiates clarity. It is no doubt one of the clearest crystals of them all. Apophyllite can come in a pale green, but is more commonly clear. It grows in various sizes and can be found contained in clusters, or alone as single points. Apophyllite works most of its magic in the crown chakra but also stimulates and re-charges the Third Eye. It can be a very powerful higher energy indeed.

This crystal's most prominent quality is that it quickly establishes a connection between the spiritual and physical energies at work within us. This connection allows us to acknowledge and appreciate the needs of our inner selves in a positive, productive and uplifting manner.  

It connects us to our 'higher selves' too, strengthening the link between us and Angelic Realms, and widening our perception to appreciate to Universal Order and Truth. Use Apophyllite to realise the truth within a situation. Allow it lead you deep within yourself and show you your honest, true self. This will make way for highly beneficial self-development and a high awareness on a daily basis.

Great protector and healer of the Immune system, nervous system and of all glands. Stimulates cellular regeneration.


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